The CoolSculpting University (CSU) is located at the Zeltiq headquarters in beautiful Pleasanton, California. This training facility is run by the most talented CoolSculpting experts in the country, the CSU’s elaborate training center is unlike anything else available today.

The attendees at CSU go over every aspect of the procedure, from start to finish. Some portions of the training are a review for everyday skills, while other innovative concepts are unique to the program. Through both lectures and hands-on education, CSU provides optimum training. One such aspect is learning how to perform an all-encompassing, 360 degree patient evaluation. Treating to transformation is a theory stressed in the program. The attendants of CSU will all also have an opportunity to train with the inventors of CoolSculpting technology. Practitioners leave feeling much more confident and capable of delivering fantastic results.

CoolSculpting treatments are designed to reduce the appearance of fatty tissue in almost all areas of the body. The one-hour, noninvasive procedure results in a reduction in fat cells. Patients can expect to see their full results three months after treatment. Since the body contains only a fixed number of fat cells, once they have been removed, they will not return.

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