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Our Story

began in 2009. After several years in the tanning bed industry, we immediatley saw the huge benefits of CoolSculpting as an alternative to Liposuction and other expensive and risky cosmetic surgery procedures. We started with one patient, then 1, then 100 and after 1,000 we havent looked back.

Envy Med Spas based in Valdosta and Albany, Georgia is one of just a few spas in the entire state of Georgia that specializes in CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, HydraFacial technology. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and training of these amazing procedures which has allowed us to perform thousands of procedures since 2015.

Each of our treatment rooms is designed for your comfort. Depending on the number of areas we treat you could be spending a large portion of your day with us. We make this time relaxing and enjoyable. Every treatment room has state of the art technology for you while you are in treatment. We have 2 convenient locations to serve you. First time consultations at Envy Med Spas are always free!